Andrew Grillet - Technical Consultant

Always ready to support you in meeting specialist requirements where security and reliability are the highest priority.

I can deploy high performance, secure servers for you

Sun enterprise server

The secure alternative to the cloud (someone else's computer) is having your own computer - knowing were it is - and knowing it, and the data in it, will stay where you put it. With the right systems in place, you, your staff and your clients, can still access it, securely, from anywhere in the world.

Or create specialist software applications

Current projects include Databases, Internet radio, PHP web frameworks (like Slippr - used for this site) and others.

"Full Stack" knowledge learned over almost 60 years

I have designed computer systems from the transistor level to complete networks.

On the Hardware side:

I saw EDSAC 1 when it was still working. I was employed to debug valve based TV monitors and debugged valve based digital counter-timers.

I built a pirate radio station in the 1960's. I designed one of the most widely used controllers for 1/2" tape drives in the 1970's.

I invented the Sinclair Microdrive, and developed ST506 (hard disk) controllers for the Apple ][ and BBC Micro. I also developed a 1/2" tape controller for the BBC micro.

At GEC, I was the chief hardware architect for the CARDS database engine (a UK government research project to reconcile DNA structure with the proteins they generated).

I have designed 3-phase motor control systems up to 1MW and I designed the system that controls the flow of corn into mills in the UK and Europe for the manufacture of cornflakes.

On the Software side:

I designed and developed the GODS operating system (similar to CPM and DOS, in the same era).

At GEC, I wrote Unix tape and disk drivers for the GEC models 21, 42 and 63.

At STC, I wrote the software for the first text messaging pager, and at Storno the software for the Storno 4000 Automatic (the first "mobile phone" it was hand-held, and could dial any phone on the public phone network). I also wrote the software for other Storno 4000 variants, including the ones used by London Transport and British Airways. Storno was bought by Motorola while I was working there.

I designed and implemented telecomms billing (phone calling card system), money transfer (Send Money Home), inventory management, factory progress control, and requirements management. I have a website framework on Github.

If you have a problem, and need someone who can tell you how to solve it (and it does not require a lot of tough guys with guns) I am the "A" team you should be looking for!

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